Online payment guide
What is internet payment?
Internet payments to pay for the Internet are for the receipt of goods or services, so that this payment is made without the need for physical presence at the bank or store and via the Internet. In fact, the buyer can use the bank card to buy the internet and pay the money at the same time.
Online payment process
Directors of Internet sites contract with banks and thus the money in cooperation with the bank via the Internet is transferred from the account to the administrator account. Currently, the nation's banks, Saman, Parsian, National, New Economy, and Pasargad have made it possible for individuals to make online purchases using accelerated bank cards. That is, these banks act as gateways or gateways or the term Gateway. This does not mean that only the cards of the same 5 banks have internet shopping capabilities, but it means that these banks have provided facilities that can be used to buy Internet with other banks and provide these facilities to online stores So you can pay money online after ensuring the product or service you want.
What cards can I buy online?
Now this possibility is possible through the card of all member banks.
Internet shopping parameters
When shopping online, you will be asked for 4 bank card parameters:

Number 16 digit on the card

This number is on the card in all banks.

Internet password or second password

The Internet shopping code is different from the one you enter when you use ATMs. It even varies with the Internet Bank password that checks your account online. In most banks, when you receive your card, you do not have a password to buy the Internet. To enable Internet Shopping password, do one of the following:

Most banks have the ability to define Internet shopping codes in their ATMs. Refer to your bank's ATM. Enter your card and select the password operation section. Define your password in the second passcode or Internet code. Visit your bank branch and say "I want to receive an internet purchase password." If your bank is a good bank, you should be advised.

CVV2 code

The CVV2 code is carved on most cards as a 3-digit (and rarely 4-digit) number, like the 16-digit number carved on the card. For example, on the cards of the banks of the nation, exports, Pasargad, Saman, Parsian, etc., is carved out as a 3-digit number. Or at some 4-digit national bank cards. In some trade bank cards, the CVV2 code is numbered 17, 18 and 19 after 16 digits of the card number.

expiration date

The expiration date is also carved on most bank cards. Do not worry if there is no expiration date on your card. Use the number 12 instead of the month and use 99 instead of the card expiration date.
Possible Internet payment problems
The online payment system is designed by the operating banks to be both secure and provide the simplest and least needed guidance for the buyer. However, sometimes there may be issues when shopping online. For example, it may be interrupted while paying a bank account and payment is unsuccessful. Usually the worst possible scenario is that the money is deducted from your account, but not paid to the seller account. but do not worry. In this case, your money is usually in the bank's interim accounts. Ultimately, the bank itself should eliminate the contradictions. Wait, and if you do not get back to your account for up to 48 hours, then contact the seller's sales support or Internet Banking Agent to resolve the conflict.

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