Terms and conditions of use of the site
Using the Zagros Online Store Store means that your complete agreement is subject to the following terms and conditions:
Purchasing goods from Zagros Shop Online Store is governed by the laws and regulations of the e-commerce and in accordance with all laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The product and contents of this site are provided for personal and non-commercial use by our customers and the intellectual property of the information contained therein belongs to this store and any misuse of this information is subject to prosecution. When ordering goods, users must enter the complete information in the database. Obviously, the shortcomings or uncertainty of the information is timely completion of the order. Zagros Shop does not create any responsibility for the site's functionality, which may be due to factors beyond the scope of this site's management (such as Internet deficiencies, communications, hardware, etc.). All tools used in the Zagros online store are designed for this purpose, and users committed to using this tool are solely responsible for sending and receiving relevant and relevant product information. The link between Zagros and Zabag Portfolios can be downloaded from zagrospoosh.com and only by using the information that users have entered the site (such as address, phone, etc.). The Zagros Shop online store is by no means exclusive and parties in any way and is committed to protecting the privacy of users using the latest technology.
Terms of Sale of Goods
Legally, in Zagros Shop Online Transactions, zagrospoosh.com is the online seller and customer online customer. Sales of goods are based on the type and amount the buyer has entered in the Zagros store. The seller, when confirming the order, determines the goods and the time of delivery, informing the buyer. The value of the goods or goods ordered is calculated based on the price list of the site and includes all taxes and sales taxes. The only added value in some cases is the value of the goods, the shipping cost and insurance of the goods. The place and time of delivery of goods by the buyer are traded in the Zagros online store and the seller is required to deliver the order at that time and place in accordance with certain policies. The absence of the agent in place and at the time specified by the vendor will apply the relevant policy. If the seller, for reasons beyond his control, can not deliver the goods in a timely manner and the parties do not agree with the new date, each party has the right to cancel the order at no cost. The buyer, with the rejection of the goods and the signature of the form, shows the satisfaction of the type, number and health of the goods. The buyer is obligated to deliver the goods in cash at the time of delivery. In case of non-payment at the right time determined by the buyer, the seller has the right to cancel delivery of the goods and non-compliance with the order.
Terms of delivery and delivery of goods
A) In provincial and urban centers (other than Tehran)
For each item, an interception number is issued which is sent to you by email and email. The delivery time is between two to four business days after the transfer and issue of the invoice. (The official holidays will not be calculated) The place of delivery of the goods is the address that you enter in the name of the customer when placing the order on the website, this URL in all cases and the change of address after the delivery of the cargo to the post in any case is possible. . Change is not. The delivery time of the purchased goods depends on the time the post was delivered to your place. Unfortunately, Zagros Shop does not control the delivery time of your items and can only insert your offer along with the delivery address. The cost of transportation is after the fare and the amount will be compensated to the buyer at the place of delivery. The stated amount is calculated based on the tariffs and terms of the post office based on the weight and address and the Zagros Shopping online store does not affect it.
B) in big Tehran
Perform all orders by courier and Zagros store does not control the time and shipping process by courier. After shipping any cargo by courier, the carrier's specifications will be for the shipment of SMS or email to the buyer. Delivery time is one business day after deposit and billing. (The official holidays are not calculated) The place of delivery of the goods is the URL that you enter in the name of the customer when placing the order on the website, this URL in all items and the change of address after the delivery of the cargo to the courier is in no way usable Not changed is the shipping cost after the fare and the amount will be delivered to the buyer at the place

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